Under the label BomBasta Spiele I produce and develop my occasional non-academic projects. I started BomBasta Spiele in 2012 for crowdfunding and distributing Omertà - Clan ohne Plan, an action driven card game. The game was published in German and I sold over one thousand copies.

Omertà - Clan ohne Plan

Italy. Sometime in the 20’s of the last century. The clans of different mafia families are fighting each other in... let’s say - Naples!
It’s all about honor, betrayal, contraband, theft! Every player is a member of one mafia family. However, it does not matter if you are a don or a henchman, a bookie or a snitch, a consigliere or a man of honor, nobody really has a plan of what is going on. Who belongs to which family? Who wants to kill whom? Well, nobody knows, since there is only one code to follow: the code of silence - the OMERTÀ!


Omertà - Clan ohne Plan is an action driven card game. Find further information on Facebook, Vimeo and Startnext.


Play it as Print & Play!

Nazi Tinder

Judge people, their ideas and values solely based on your emotions! You think the picture stands for hate and populism? Swipe it to the right. For love and understanding, swipe left! Right nazi, left sexy! The quicker you judge, the more love you will get ... or loose.


NaziTinder is a mobile game which lets you sort politicians (Trump ...), objects (burkas ...), movements (occupy wall street...) and media outlets (breitbart ...) into the right - left political spectrum. A game and political comment on the much needed left wing populism.


Play it here!

VR Tele-Museum "Blindenwerkstatt Otto Weidt"

Implementation of a VR tele-museum based on the "Blindenwerkstatt Otto Weidt" in Berlin.


Play and/or download it here!

Other projects/prototypes:

ColoRift, a video see-through prototype for AR that alters visual perception of drinks.

Glove of first sight, a language learning device that acoustically names objects when touching them.

Tub Toys, a HoloLens App for your bathtub, user interacts with laser ducks and pirates by splashing , more info here.

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