Under the label BomBasta Games I produce and develop games. I started BomBasta Spiele in 2012 for crowdfunding and distributing Omertà - Clan ohne Plan, an action driven card game. In 2021 I developed Lawnarchy, a game about bickering garden lunatics in Berlin allotment communities (card game + online).

More information on bombasta-games.com

On Instagram: bombasta_games

Other prototypes / games / game jams

VR Tele-Museum "Blindenwerkstatt Otto Weidt", play or download it here

N**i Tinder, sort people, movements, and ideas into sexy (left wing) or n**i (right wing), mobile game, play or download it here

ColoRift, a video see-through prototype for AR that alters visual perception of drinks.

Glove of first sight, a language learning device that acoustically names objects when touching them.

Tub Toys, a HoloLens App for your bathtub, user interacts with laser ducks and pirates by splashing , more info here.

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