Under the label BomBasta Spiele I produce and develop games. I started BomBasta Spiele in 2012 for crowdfunding and distributing Omertà - Clan ohne Plan, an action driven card game. The game was published in German and I sold over one thousand copies.

Omertà - Clan ohne Plan

Italy. Sometime in the 20’s of the last century. The clans of different mafia families are fighting each other in... let’s say - Naples!
It’s all about honor, betrayal, contraband, theft! Every player is a member of one mafia family. However, it does not matter if you are a don or a henchman, a bookie or a snitch, a consigliere or a man of honor, nobody really has a plan of what is going on. Who belongs to which family? Who wants to kill whom? Well, nobody knows, since there is only one code to follow: the code of silence - the OMERTÀ!


Omertà - Clan ohne Plan is an action driven card game. Find further information on Facebook, Vimeo and Startnext.


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